My Take away from "Arjuna – Reinventing the Test Automation Wheels" By Rahul Verma



  1. Solve Problems at right layer
  2. Stop borrowing, create something on your own.
  3. Choose at which layer you should do automation for better ROI.
  4. When you start from the scratch, The whole world is open to you.
  5. You built something on your own. Now, you have better control.
  6. You do not need to develop something at by sacrificing the beauty of other.

Test Automation

  1. Xunit Test patterns
  2. Everything cannot be a framework. A framework cannot be everything.
  3. Building facilities on top an existing engine is a framework.
  4. A framework should not make your life complicated beyond basics.
  5. In Test Automation the test should be the most powerful thing.
  6. Test Author should be given all the facilities possible.
  7. HOCON configuration.