Greedy Hare and Lazy Tortoise

From the story of Tortoise and the Hare

Changing the context from race to search, among a speedster and slowpoke.

Round 1:

Search for a magenta colored milestone with text Czechoslovakia.

Hare didn't find it even after running 3 lapses.

But Tortoise found it.

Hare asked Tortoise, how is it possible?

  • As you run fast you could miss the finer details. That's why you are prone to accidents
  • But I run actually Hm Hmhh walk slowly. So I always get a chance to read things better than you.

Round 2:

Search for a Bannian tree.

Hare did it like a flash.

Round 3:

Rules are not meant to follow. Find the person who is wearing a grey T-shirt?

Tortoise went backward instead of racing forward.
The tortoise won it again.